Start 2 Finish will provide everything you need from registration through results. With state of the art Jaguar disposable chip timing, we provide accurate and fast race results for even the biggest races.

Start 2 Finish Race Management has eliminated the need to wait for occasional results printouts.  With our Real-Time Results, your personal results are waiting for you when you cross the finish line!

With an attractive finish line truss and one of kind features like an announcer system, flat panel finish line displays, and touch-screen results kiosks, we can make sure the participants have an experience to remember.

A Premium Race Experience

Start 2 Finish Race Management combines state-of-the-art technology with our depth of race experience and our strong customer focus to deliver a great experience for both the race participants and the race planning committee.

No-Hassle Convenience

  • Disposable RFID timing chips permanently attached to the bib
  • No separate chip line to wait in - get your packet and you're done
  • No finish line congestion resulting from chip collection
  • Highly reliable timing with extremely high chip read rates in any conditions
  • Attractive and professional-looking finish line truss system & chute
  • No timing mats or ramps to slip or tip on - or to block emergency vehicle access

Real-Time Results - "It's About Time!"

  • "Your Name in Lights" flat panel display shows finishers' name and time as they cross the finish line
  • SMS text messaging of results as participants cross the finish line (or split points)
  • Real-Time Touch-Screen Kiosks allow participants to instantly see and print their personal results!
  • Live results streaming to the internet
  • No more long waits for occasional results printouts to be posted!

Start 2 Finish Race Management Jaguar Chip Timing Advantages:

Jaguar offers clear advantages to both race organizers and participants. Some of the advantages are:

  • Runners simply wear their bib in front
  • Cyclists apply a disposable, removable chip to their helmet
  • Once a participant picks up their packet they are done
  • No timing mats or ramps to trip over or block emergency vehicles
  • Attractive and professional appearance for your finish line
  • No waiting for results

Event Pricing

“We are happy to provide a complete proposal for your event!”

PRICING - We invoice most events at a minimum per day rate. Once the minimum fee is reached, a flat fee per registrant applies. We prefer to tailor our proposals specifically around your event. The size of the event, location, scheduling conflicts and sponsorship opportunities can all affect our event pricing structures. Our systems are very flexible and we are quite sure we can accommodate your event needs. Click here for a quote on your next race!